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Welcome to coco Taiwan Outcall Massage center:

      CoCo Taipei outcall massage center was established in 2006 Years. we is a high class International Massage center . that we are committed to offer the most reliable massage service of …….


     CoCo Taiwan outcall massage center is located in  Taipei,Hualien, Chiayi, Tainan, Taichung, Taoyuan,Chungli,Chungli,Jiayi and Kaohsiung,We can provide Outcall massage,Body massage,Tantric massage,Sensual massage,Body to body,Full body massage,Escort girls,Speical serivces,oil massage,body massage,We have many chain stores and professional massage girls provide high quality home massage and hotel massage services.

    台北上門按摩會所長期招聘高素質的兼職按摩師,24小時為你高端的台北上門按摩服務台北酒店上門按摩–台北上門按摩中心,可提供台北/桃園/中壢/新竹/台中/台南/嘉義/高雄/台南/花蓮上門按摩,酒店上門按摩服務,飯店按摩,旅館按摩,到府按摩,外出按摩,外叫按摩,外派按摩,派遣按摩,汽車旅館外叫按摩,賓館按摩,住家按摩,居家按摩,情趣按摩,台北小姐上門服務,桃園找小妹上門按摩服務,台南外出按摩,新竹小姐上門服務,小姐上門,旅館按摩,飯店按摩,按摩工作室,桃園特別服務小姐上門,台北精油按摩外送,台灣妹上門服務,高雄上門服務,小姐上門,台南學生妹上門,大台北約妹上門按摩服務,外送按摩,嘉義外送小姐,新竹旅館全套服務,新北旅館叫小姐,飯店按摩,飯店叫小姐,桃園上門按摩,中壢上門按摩, 台中上門按摩,高雄上門按摩,無論您是在台北居住,出差和度假,我們就24小時為您提供頂級的台北美女上門按摩,台北上門按摩擁有百名高素質的技師團隊!


      We have many professional masseuses, all lovely girls who aim to fulfill your desires regardless of age or occupation. Their goal is very simple: to satisfy your massage requests thoroughly and meticulously. We hope you will have a wonderfully memorable, high-quality massage, carried out by beautiful masseuses who look like angels, seeking only to pleasure you.



    Taipei outcall massage is based on the ancient oriental tradition, inherits the millenarian chinese medicine methods to derivate the unique massage techniques to promote a healthy well-being system scientifically. the use of people’s hands to operate the service. double your pleasure and indulge your senses in this truly exquisite treatment that leaving the circulation smoother, tight muscle loosened and stress released. enjoying a relaxing body massage while having your body lull and pamper to perfection. the two kind treatments given simultaneously, interacts and blends its energies to complement each other to restore balance and harmony to the body and soul .







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            Welcome hard day in taipei  there is nothing more relaxing than a sensual erotic massage from one Taipei massage of our beautiful oriental masseuses. Our stunning taiwan girls are available for outcall services to all Central taipei hotels and can be with you in 30 minutes or less.Our Outcall Taipei body to body Massage taipei service is available 7am to 3am daily and our girls always give their best to ensure you are happy and satisfied with all services provided. If Taipei outcall massage you are looking for the ultimate in Outcall Massage Taipei, give us a try…. Relaxing sensual Taipei escorts massage by young and busty Sexy girl ,come to your place in 20mins. 24hours is ok.




 Erotic massage 

Erotic massage is the term used for lingam (also spelled lingham sometimes) massage and slippery massage. Lingam can be considered as a therapeutic massage, since it Taipei outcall massagehas many benefits to the body apart from the obvious. One can treat his impotence and/or premature Taipei massageejaculation, which problems are sadly considered a shame in today’s society, while affecting a significant amount of the male population.

Slippery massage on the other hand is probably the best thing in the world. The masseuse pours oil or nuru gel on her and your body, which is followed by her slipping on you. We can’tTaipei outcall massage really put into words how great it is, you just have to experience it.



Foot massage:
Foot massage refers to masseurs wearing soft, sexy stockings that do a full-body acupressure massage for you with your feet and legs (including sensitive areas). Finally, you will relax and feel comfortable and happy. This is a new massage method, instead of Traditional hand massage method. Of course, the most important thing in stockings massage is to rely on the feeling, like everyone knows … you can use your way to sniff, ask, kiss the masseur wearing stockings feet.


絲足按摩是指按摩師穿著柔軟性感的絲襪用腳和美腿為您做全身穴位按摩的[包括敏感部位]最後會讓您放鬆同樣也有舒心和愉悅的感覺. 這個是種新的按摩方式,代替了傳統的手的按摩方式。當然絲襪按摩最主要的還是要靠感覺的,喜歡的人都知道……您可以用您的方式去嗅.撫.吻按摩師穿著絲襪的雙腳。


Tantric massage :

Tantra massage, also called the massage of the senses is when instead of strong, muscle-relaxing moves, the masseuse uses soft, gentle touches. Your sensesTaipei outcall massage will be reborn, guaranteeing a special experience for men and women as well. Tantra massage is like someone would caress your soul. It’s an ideal choice for those who need to find their inner self, which get’s buried during stressful days.




Prostate massage:

Prostate massage is a really special type of massage. The prostate is the part of theTaipei massage male penis, located under the urinary tube. The massage procedure is done via the rectum of the subject. From their mid thirties, all types of men suffer from prostate-related issues, many of which has bladder symptoms. Regular prostate massage can help these problems, since by massaging it, blood flow gets increased, while deposits of roughage gets released, helping to Taipei outcall massagereduce the swelling. Prostate massage combined with the massage of the penis can also give the subject an orgasm, but not one that he is used to. Many people swear by it, since it is more intensive .





Couple massage:

     Our erotic massage for couples is a very good way to spice up your relationship. You can either have one or two masseuses with you. During the treatment, both you, and your partner will receive from the soft touches and moves. It’s also a good idea to remember some of these moves, as they can be a pleasant surprise at home. Please note, that our couple’s erotic massage is only anTaipei outcall massage erotic massage, not a four-way or something like that. It’s the perfect present for an anniversary,Taipei massage Valentine’s day. An erotic massage like this can improve your sexual life with your significant other, and can introduce new things to your relationship, be it a new romance, or a long marriage.



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Professional massage charge:

Taipei outcall massage charge:

90 mins NTD$2500
120 mins NTD$3000

Four hands massage

90 mins NTD$4600
120 mins NTD$6000

Special Services:

prices from 3,000 NTD→40,000 NTD  (different girls is not same



Taipeioutcallmassage台北上門按摩 0981-053-884


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